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Articulating a high school CTE class with a Rio Hondo College CTE course helps to foster a supportive and integrated relationship between faculty of secondary and post-secondary institutions. Collaboration increases course relevancy and enrollment, and serves as a "marketing tool" for college bound students. High school courses benefit through shared access to training, equipment, staff and facilities at the college level.

Step 1: How to Articulate a Class:

  1. Create an account on this site if you have not already done so.
  2. Please review course descriptions before you submit CTE articulation requests to ensure the high school course closely approximates the college’s course in content. You can view all course descriptions on the Rio Hondo College Catalog.
  3. Once you have reviewed the course descriptions and selected a college course, you can download Rio Hondo College Curriculum (course outline) via the download section on the right side of this page.
  4. If the course you want to articulate is not listed on the course curriculum download section, please contact the Career Pathways Specialist.
  5. Sign in to this site and submit a New Agreement Request from your Dashboard. View the Submitting a New Articulation Request guide (pdf).
    • Please have your course outline, syllabus, labs, projects, text book information, etc. ready for upload with your request. Requests submitted without documents will not be processed.
  6. Your request will be sent to the designated faculty for review. If materials are missing, the college faculty will contact you. You will be notified by e-mail when a decision has been made on your request or if you need to provide faculty with more information.
  7. If the request is approved, it will be sent to the Dean for final approval. When approved, the agreement will become active and will appear in the Current Articulation Agreements page.
  8. You may check the status of your request at any time by signing in to your account and viewing your dashboard.
  9. CTE Articulation agreements will need to be renewed every two academic years (during the spring semester). An earlier review may be requested by faculty at any time or if there is a significant change in course content/materials, or a signing teacher or faculty leave their positions.
  10. CTE articulation agreements are only approved when Teacher/Instructor to Faculty review occurs.

Step 2: My Class Has Been Successfully Articulated...

Now What?

  • You will receive an email notification that your request has been approved. In September, you will receive an email with information regarding your agreement and information for students. Please inform your students, high school/ROP counselors, and administrators. Make sure students are aware that this is a college-level course and that they are eligible to earn credit upon its completion if they follow a few necessary steps and meet the minimum required grade.
  • Students frequently need assistance understanding the details of articulation and how they receive college credit. Students are required to apply to Rio Hondo College to obtain a student ID number, and must apply for the spring semester of the year that they plan to complete the course. Students must pass the high school course with a B or higher in order to receive the credit (Except in Child Development courses, students must obtain an A or higher in order to receive credit).
  • Once students apply to Rio Hondo College and receive their student ID number, they must enroll in CATEMA. They must do this for each course and semester that they plan to articulate.
  • Teachers must also enroll in CATEMA and create their articulated course(s). Students can then be added to the class(es).
  • Teachers must recommend students for credit at the end of the spring semester. They will input their grades on CATEMA and recommend those students receiving the minimum required grade to be awarded for credit.
  • Students should check their transcripts in early September to see that they have been awarded credit. They can find instructions on how to do this on the Students page.
  • The Career Pathways Specialist is available to assist with questions.

Renew an Existing or Request a New CTE Articulation Agreement (Teachers with Previously Approved CTE Agreements)

  1. If not signed in already, sign in to your account and select the agreement you'd like to renew from your Dashboard.
  2. To make changes to your user profile information or change your password (for non Google accounts only), select My Profile from the main menu.

Rio Hondo College Curriculum Download